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Located in the south central highlands of  Viet Nam on an altitude of between 1500 and 2000 meters , Da Lat is in a temperate region dotted with lakes, waterfalls , evergreen forests and gardens. The cool climate all year round and the park-like environment make this one of the most delightful cities in all of Viet Nam . It was once a French hill station and to this end there is a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower on the side of the previous central post office along with colonial architecture located all over the city. Thanks to her nice nature treat, Da Lat has become the number one distributor of flowers and vegetables for all over southern Viet Nam. With it’s unique attractions, Da Lat is by far Viet Nam’s most popular honeymoon spot.


We specialize and base our outdoor adventure activities around this city and it’s surroundings. The cool and hilly terrain is fantastic for trekking, camping, moutainbiking, white water rafting, canyoning, abseiling and sightseeing. Trip itineraries cater to everyone from the inexperienced beginner, to the experienced pro looking for a higher challenge. We also have multi-day adventure programs for those looking further to head down to the coast, up through the highlands to Hoi An/ Hue or some trips start from Saigon going through the whole country and end in Hanoi. The goal of Pine Track Adventures is to give you an opportunity to enjoy the unique journey and unforgettable adventures in Vietnam.


Responsible Tourism


Pine Track Adventures take responsible tourism very seriously, and always aim to be the industry leader in our work and initiatives. On all our trips, we work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We work with our customers and the people we visit to ensure economic benefits go directly to communities, and to contribute to local cultural and environmental conservation. This is good for the communities we visit and also gives our travellers more enriched adventures – a home-stay in a tribal village, for example, or using small family-run accommodation is beneficial to communities, but it’s also great for travellers who want to really experience the true feeling of the place they’re visiting.


From helping in major clean-up campaigns  around Da Lat, to leaving every campsite we go through in a better state than how we found it and making sure our vehicle fleet is maintained, we help minimise our impact on the planet. And responsible travel doesn’t stop once a trip’s over. We adopt an environmentally sensitive approach in our office. Through school trips and team building for companies, we help in raising fund, giving presents and donating for  remote tribal villages, orphanages and local disability  schools. We also organize charity work for tourists who are interested in helping the locals.


These projects are at the heart of our approach to travel – working with local communities to make a real difference, and visits to these projects are always one of the highlights of many travellers’ adventures with us.


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